Sonari: A Bronze Age Settlement (Sindh, Pakistan)

From the Introduction

The surveys carried out by Professor A.R. Khan in Lower Sindh, Pakistan, during the 1970s led to the discovery of an impressive number of prehistoric sites, some of which are briefly described in Khan’s important monograph on the geomorphology and prehistory of Sindh. Strangely, however, he never mentioned the existence of a (still) unique fisher-gatherer settlement at Sonari in spite of earlier visits he paid to the area. The site, located on a limestone terrace facing the Hab River mouth, is not even reported in the distribution maps, on which he marked the discoveries made during his years of fieldwork. Nor does he mention the presence of any prehistoric sites on Cape Monze (Ras Muari) in his paper on the archaeology of the Karachi region, though he does describe a single important Bronze Age settlement at Pir Shah Jurio, along the eastern bank of the Hab River, and Hab Chauki and Mai Garhi some 30km further north.