Articles which offer an in-depth examination or explanation of excavations and findings at archaeological sites at ancient Indus and related sites.

Lithic Production: The Excavation of RH962 Flint Mine and Flint Knapping Workshops on the Rohri Hills

Excavation of RH962 Flint Mine and Flint Knapping Workshops on the Rohri Hills
This paper considers one aspect of the research conducted by the Italian Archaeological Mission in Sindh, more specifically the discovery of the Indus flint mines of the III millennium BC in the Rohri Hills, and the excavations carried out at flint mine RH962.

Preliminary Results of Excavation at Karanpura, a Harappan Settlement in District Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

The results of two seasons of excavations 2012-2014 at a small site to the west of Rakigarhi in Rajasthan, on the modern River Chautang (Drishdavati). Largely destroyed by irrigation construction a few years previously – "it can now be assessed that at least 70% of the fortified settlement was destroyed" write the authors (p. 16) – Karanpura has nevertheless yielded an impressive set of artifacts from about 2800-2000 BCE.

Documenting Mohenjo-Daro: Digitization and Visualization of Architecture, Infrastructure, and Artefacts from DK-G South

Another example of how modern data science and the re-analysis of data collected by early archaeologists are opening new frontiers of discovery. In this case, finds made in one area of Mohenjo-daro, excavated by K.N. Dikshit, are being tabulated and located precisely in relation to other objects and the strata or level they were found at.