Articles on the religion, rituals, and beliefs in the ancient Indus Valley culture.

Socio-Ritual Artifacts of Upper Palaeolithic Hunter-Gatherers in South Asia

The first section focuses on theoretical issues, the definition of terms and various interpretive biases regarding "ritual" artifacts in the prehistoric period, while the second half examines the important "ritual" artifacts of the Upper Palaeolithic hunter~gatherer populations in South Asia and discuss future directions for research.

An Upper Paleolithic Shrine in India?

Upper Paleolithic
Although some have their doubts about religious interpretations for what they call "esoteric archaeological finds,' nevertheless it is stated in this article that there is a very strong probability that the structure and the stone represent a shrine to the goddess, or female principle, 'Shakti,' which was built by the group of final upper palaeolithic hunter/gatherers who were living at the site of Baghor I.