Ancient Indus Civilization Videos

27 ancient Indus civilization videos curated by Ilona Aronovsky (the few worth watching).

Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer delivers the 23rd Gulestan and Rustom Billimoria Endowment Lecture at the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, Dec. 14, 2020. A deep exploration of the Indus script and its evolution in the context of Indus civilization and other neighbouring Bronze Age cultures and their writing systems. Profusely illustrated, and including the latest research by leading scholars.

Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer compares three ancient Indus urban centers in the 3rd millennium BCE. An expansive, illustrated look at Indus civilization and its many threads from Mehrgarh in 7000 BCE on, with a focus on domestication, indigenous populations and trade networks.

The keynote talk at the January 2020 Conference on the Indus Script at Mohenjo-daro covers larger themes on the Indus Valley civilization, the latest research and promising avenues of exploration by a variety of scholars present.

A well done clip from the US PBS series on First Civilizations presents seals as tools of trade and among the world's first branding vehicles. Stunning seal close-ups, erudite narration.

A well-done National Geographic piece introducing the ancient city with excellent aerial views and the compelling factoid that Mohenjo-daro's size was 5x that of Vatican city.

The distinguished Indian archaeologist Shereen Ratnagar talks about the preconceptions and limitations of Indian archaeology, reflecting on "the kind of subtle points that don't always get taught in archaeology departments."

A beautiful music video taking you to the ancient and modern town and surroundings of Harappa, from the magnificent banyan tree in the museum garden, to the galleries, bones and pottery.

A slowly moving musically roll-out and introduction of the signs incorporated into the new Indus font package, the first of its kind, recently launched by the National Fund for Mohenjodaro.

A beautiful, patient aerial tour of the site that contextualizes the relationship of the stupa mound, Great Bath and other areas to each other in a way no other way of visiting the site can.

Geo News reports on the new French excavations at the site in Nawabshah district (Urdu), with the lead French archaeologist Dr. Aurore Didier interviewed in English. Nice shots of the mound, the many people working from various Pakistani universities.

A brief but revealing visit to the site in real time. It's size is so small, but the possibilities beneath, as excavations in 1935-36 showed, so large.

A critical news report from Al-Jazeera about the state of the site in 2017, with footage which shows the difference between the city these days, and the relatively recent past.

A stunningly beautiful, accessible animation about the scientific investigation of the metallurgy of a 6000 year old amulet from Mehrgarh, the first known example of the lost wax method.

A lecture from November 6th, 2016 by one of the leading ancient Indus experts brings to bear a lot of recent information: excavations in Oman indicating strong Indus connections, research on the multiple origins of the civilization, the many causes of decline, burial practices (or not). Full of interesting facts and images and reflections gathered during 50 years of field work that few archaeologists have had with Indus materials and sites.

The talented filmmaker Saqib Mausoof's work on Mohenjo-daro integrates the ancient into lived experience from individual viewpoints of a range of people inspired by Mohenjodaro, ideas about it, and its iconic artifacts; Mohenjo-daro ought to be far better known, and conserved and it can mean many things to us.