Sidis in the Agate Bead Industry of Western India

During drilling, the tips of agate drills become hot and often spall off. Fine screens allow the collection of the spalled drill tips, the finding of which confirms that drilling as well as shaping of beads was done in this area of the site during the Ravi phase.

Who are the Sidis and where did they come from?

These two questions can only be answered conclusively through care­ ful archaeological and DNA studies, but it is possible to make some sense out of the situation based on written documents and oral tradi­tions. Some early anthropological studies of different racial groups in South Asia have shown that there are some Negrito groups among indigenous populations of hunter-gatherers living in parts of the West­ ern Ghats (Kadar and Irular of the Kerala Hills), and in the Raj Mahal Hills of Bihar and Bengal.