New Discoveries of Mesolithic sites in the Thar Desert (Upper Sindh, Pakistan)

The scope of this paper is to illustrate and discuss the Mesolithic sites discovered during recent surveys carried out by the ‘Joint Rohri Hills Project’ (Biagi & Shaikh 1994) in the Thari District of Upper Sindh. Until a few years ago nothing was known of the Mesolithic period in the region, even though several sites had already been discovered in the suburbs of Karachi and along the coast of Las Bela. In effect, Commander K.R.U. Todd described a flint assemblage with geometric, trapezoidal microliths collected along the banks of the Lyari River in the Karachi County Golf Club (Todd & Paterson 1947); and Professor A. Rauf Khan (1979) published many Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic sites, characterised by microlithic tools, just south of the Karachi University Campus and along the coast of Las Bela, in Baluchistan.