Neanderthals at the South-easternmost Edge

Above: Ongar: Levallois flakes and blades from the 2006 (re)discovered area (photograph by P. Biagi).

The Spread of Levalliosian Mousterian (600,000 BP and 40,000 BP or roughly BCE) in the Indian Subcontinent

From the Preface
Several main intriguing questions are of major interest studying the prehistory of the early humans. After the spread of Homo erectus from Africa northwards into Europe, and eastwards into Asia, the next challenging enigma regards the dispersion of Neanderthals from Europe to the east. Despite
the fact that skeletal remains of Homo neanderthalensis are rare in the Middle East, the Levalloisian Mousterian lithic technology that characterises the Neanderthal chipped stone industries is known indeed, starting from the Iberian Peninsula, to Central Asia.