Multiple Approaches towards Reconstruction of Fishing Technology: Net Making and the Indus Valley Tradition

This article undertakes to identify methods of fishing in the the Harappan Phase of the Indus Civilization. Given the perishable nature of fishing nets in the archaeological record, the author uses four sets of data to infer the presence of netting as a fishing technology. These include: (1) Observations on faunal remains; (2) presence of tools used to manufacture nets; (3) net weights, and (4) painted ceramic motifs. The preliminary results indicate that nets were the primary method of fishing within the Harappan Phase of the Indus Valley Tradition. The author recommends that excavations need to be vigilant for remains of netting in relevant contexts.

Image credit: The Express Tribune, Pakistan. March 26, 2016, from an interesting article on a Sindhi village, A Fishing Town Where Women Overshadow Men.