Harappa in 3D: A Powerful New Tool Rebuilds the Past in the Indus Valley

The main gateway into Harappa was envisioned as it probably looked about 4,300 years ago by artist Chris Sloan. A drainage ditch split the main roadway, which was 2.35 meters (7.7 feet) wide

The mud-brick city walls part at the towered gateway to Harappa, one of the earliest and grandest cities of the Indus Valley Civilization (2600-1900 BC). Sturdy rooms flanking the gate may once have held guards or city officials. A 3D image displays the gateway as it may have looked before the centuries hid it beneath the earth. Another screen shows the ever-changing landscape before the city-buolders arrived about 3300 BC in what is now the Punjab Province of northeastern Pakistan. The scene shifts and grows to reflect the restless river's changing paths and the digging, building, and mounding of people and nature.