Excavation at Harappa: 1988

Excavations near center of Mound AB

Findings from the third season of research by the University of California, Berkeley, project at Harappa, conducted from January 1 to mid April 1988. The project was directed by Dr. George F.Dales (University of California, Berkeley) and Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer (University of Wisconsin, Madison), with Mr. Mohammad Siddique, as Represen­tative of the Government of Pakistan, Department of Archaeology. (Additional team members are indicated in the following text). Three major areas of excavation included the continuation of work in the Harappan Cemetery, a deep sounding and limited horizontal excavations on Mound AB, and a number of trenches and horizontal excavations on the western edge of Mound E. Palaeo­-anthropological studies were continued by the team of physical anthropologists on the human skeletal remains from the Harappan Cemetery. Palaeo-environmental studies were conducted through the analysis of soil and sediments in and around the site, as well as through the study of floral and faunal remains.