Changing the Prehistory of Sindh and Las Bela Coast: Twenty-five Years of Italian Contribution

Daun: distribution map of the shell middens discovered between 2000 and 2008 (original map by C. Franco).

The prehistory of Sindh and Las Bela coast (Balochistan) before and after partition, and the role played by Italian archaeologists since the 1980s. Until a few years ago the prehistory of Sindh was known mainly from the impressive urban remains of the Indus civilization and the discovery of Palaeolithic assemblages in the desert landscapes close to India, while very little was known of the remains of other periods, their radiocarbon dating and the importance of the coastal zone. Our knowledge of the prehistory of the country has improved greatly during the last twenty-five years, thanks to systematic surveys and excavations in unexplored landscapes, which radically transformed our knowledge of the prehistoric archaeology of this important region of the Indian subcontinent.

Published in World Archaeology 43(4): 523-537, 2011.