The Archaeological Sites of Gadani and Phuari Headlands (Las Bela, Balochistan, Pakistan)

From the article

"Ras Gadani and Phuari were surveyed in the 2000s by the Italian Archaeological Mission in Las Bela and Lower Sindh. The discovery of a few sites on the two headlands has shown the importance of the Las Bela coast for the archaeology of the northern Arabian Sea. Both capes were already known for their complex geological history, the presence of Bela Ophiolite outcrops and Parh Limestone formations containing good quality red flint nodules, which were exploited at least since the beginning of the Holocene. The recent surveys have led to the discovery of a few shell scatters, whose characteristics, material culture remains and radiocarbon dating have contributed to improving our knowledge of the peopling of the coastal region during two main periods of prehistory and history."