An Acheulian Workshop at Ziarat Pir Shaban on the Rohri Hills, Sindh, Pakistan

Site ZPS1 from the Southeast

The Acheulian site of Ziarat Pir Shaban lies some 750m southeast of the homonymous tomb. It was discovered by one of the writers (M.M.K.) in the summer of 1994 during a field survey in the area. The site is located at the northern edge of a flat terrace in the central-western part of the Rohri Hills, 2.7km east of the Shrine of Shadee Shaheed in the Sukkur district. Several Acheulian and Late (Upper) Palaeolithic flint workshops were discovered on this terrace during the August 1994 and February 1995 surveys, covering a surface of some 5 hectares while a few Harappan quarry-pits and workshops were also recorded along the borders of the mesa. The surveys were conducted during a program me of archaeological investigations, called "The Joint Rohri Hills Project," carried out by the Department of Archaeology of the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Pakistan, and the Department of Historical, Archaeological and Oriental Sciences of the University of Venice, in collaboration with the Centro Studi e Ricerche Ligabue, and was directed by two of the writers (M.M.K. and P.B.)