Ancient Indus Valley Civilization Books

130 new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization, from exhibition catalogues to excavation reports, from the scientific to imaginative fiction for kids and adults.

Harappa Excavation Reports 1986-1990

Harappa Excavation Reports 1986 - 1990

The excavations at Harappa in Punjab (Pakistan) conducted by joint USA and Pakistani teams since 1986 have provided much detailed new information on the development, nature, and significance of this large ancient Indus civilization urban center. Free PDF.

Deciphering the Indus Script

Deciphering the Indus Script  by Asko Parpola

Summing up thirty years of groundbreaking investigation by a Finnish Sanskritologist and world's expert on Indus writing. By far the best, most comprehensive guide to the Indus script problem.

Trading Encounters

Trading Encounters by Shereen Ratnagar

A revised edition of Shereen Ratnagar's Encounters: The Westerly Trade of the Harappa Civilization. The book explores the scope of the trading contacts of the centres that fell within the "Indus Valley" civilizations.

End of the Great Harappan Tradition

The End of the Great Harappan Tradition by Shereen Ratnagar

This fascinating book suggests alternatives to the 'environmental catastrophe' theories of Harappan civilizational collapse, with a discussion about the nature of the Harappan state and what its weaknesses might have been. The civilization is placed in a wider geographic setting to explore not just the internal factors but also those operating within the Bronze Age at large.

Forgotten Cities on the Indus

Early civilization in Pakistan from the 8th to the 2nd millenium B.C. Beautifully illustrated with essays by a number of prominent European and American scholars. Free French version available.

The Indus Civilization

The Indus Civilization

This Supplemental Volume to the Cambridge History of India is an outdated (1968) but rigorously argued synthesis by a pioneering British archaeologist. With some nicely done plans and cross-sections.

Sarang and Jeevai

Indus Valley Coloring Book for Children

A coloring book story about a boy from Harappa and a girl from Mohenjo-daro by Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer. Based on the latest findings about the ancient Indus Valley civilization.

The Indus Age: The Writing System

The first of a four volume study by the senior American Indus scholar, covering the history of attempts to decipher the script. A very thorough history by an author highly sceptical of all attempts so far and an incredibly valuable overview for anyone seriously into the script.

The Indus Valley

The Indus Valley

Provides an introduction to the Harappa people who lived in the Indus Valley thousands of years ago, describing their civilization, daily life, religious beliefs, and more.

Excavations at Harappa

Being an Account of Archaeological Excavations at Harappa carried out between the Years 1920-1921 and 1933-34
Results from early excavations at Harappa.