Sarang and Jeevai

Sarang and Jeevai: A boy from Harappa and a Girl from Mohenjo-daro

Oxford University Press, Karachi, 1998

A coloring book story about the ancient Indus Valley by Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer

33 pages to be colored in a story of two ancient Indus children based on the latest research facts.

Follow the story of Sarang, a fisherman's son who lives in Harappa. He collects turtles as pets and watches the blind dolphins of the Indus from his father's boat. Everyday, he helps prepare fish for the city market. A few hundred miles south, Jeevai lives near Mohenjo-daro. She carries a pot on her head to collect milk from her buffalo Neel. Jeevai's father brings the milk to market in Mohenjo-daro every day. Both Sarang and Jeevai see many holy men in their cities, sitting under the sacred pipal tree. They often meditate and like to wear enormous headdresses. From the animals to the writing, from activities and ornaments of daily life, this coloring book presents the latest findings in a participatory way. In the right hands, it could reflect the vibrant Indus color universe - and be a lot of fun.

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