Forgotten Cities on the Indus

Early civilization in Pakistan from the 8th to the 2nd millenium B.C. Beautifully illustrated with essays by a number of prominent European scholars. Edited by Michael Jansen, head of the German ISMEO team that excavated at the site in the 1970s. The third century BC saw the rise of a remarkable urban culture in the Greater Indus Valley region of Pakistan. With essays by numerous luminaries in the field including Jean-Francois and Catherine Jarrige, George F. Dales, Asko Parpola, M. Rafique Mughal, Maurizio Tosi and Alexandra Ardeleanu Jansen.

One of the best illustrated volumes on even the pre-Indus Mehrgarh Neolithic times, with images not found elsewhere

The book is pretty much unavailable except at ridiculous prices, but the French version is free for download and well worth it; one can also use Google translate or other services to have the whole thing translated into another language. Hopefully the English edition will come out for free too.

Oxford, 1995, Softback.