Indus Valley Teaching Kit

How Do We Know About the Ancient Indus Valley Civilisation?

A Teaching Kit with a Large Wall Poster, set of 16 colour photocards, and teachers booklet with suggested activities.

Following Unit 16 of the UK History QCA Scheme of Work, the pack includes a large wall poster and selection of photocards of Mohenjodaro and Harappan artefacts which will help children to understand when the Indus Civilisation occurred, where it happened and how it affects us today. The 32 page teachers's book provides background information and pupil activities.16 laminated A4 high quality photographs. Ideal for middle schools (grades 5-8 in the US) (H202). Size of wall poster: 100 x 70cm. Based largely on the images from

Pictorial Charts Education Trust (PCET) Publishing (now Wildgoose Education), London, 2004. Ships worldwide. has a handful available, please contact us for details.