Maati: Raising Up Pharaoh

5,200 years ago, in this 6th book of the Raising Up Pharaoh epic, the seaborne scouts arrive at Ezion-Geber with the horsemen’s king and families. They’re greeted by the horsemen and the scouts’ king, and trek to Askleumon for the allied games. Assassins attack the assembled kings. After interrogations, the allies send armies to Maritor to block the expected attack. The Bhatorian army retreats, then departs by sea for Suways to attack the kings, and finds the new nation waiting. The general of the new nation is sent to occupy Bhator and rebuild Reilend. The new nation expands up the Iteru River from the delta to the cataracts, and spreads its culture throughout the known world. As allies turn on each other, should the new nation withdraw into isolation or reform the alliance? Thus concludes the six-novel romantic adventure chronicling the origins of the city-states in the Fertile Crescent at the dawn of written history, and the planting of the longest lasting civilization and cultural roots of today’s world. The series is written for readers of all ages. The tone is controlled by zooming back to avoid close-ups of violence or sexuality, yet without stripping its intensity. The story unfolds through the viewpoints of the teenagers, the couple, those drawn to them, and their foes. The setting of this sixth book is contained within the area bounded by the eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea, Steppes, Caspian and Aral Seas, Hindu Kush, Indus Valley, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, headwaters of the Nile to its Delta—virtually all the Middle East and much of Northeast Africa. The maps for this book integrate the prior maps in the Raising Up Pharaoh series. The diverse cast speak a pidgin of proto-Indo-European and proto-Afro-Semitic, which is presented in U.S. English.

See also Bhator: Raising Up Pharaoh.