Harappa Excavation Reports 1986-1990

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Third Millenium Urbanism

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The excavations at Harappa in Punjab (Pakistan) conducted by joint USA and Pakistani teams since 1986 have provided much detailed new information on the development, nature, and significance of this large ancient Indus civilization urban center.

The excavations at Harappa reported in this volume were directed by the late Professor George F. Dales, Jr. (University of California - Berkeley) between 1986 and 1990. Since Professor Dales' passing in 1992, excavations have continued as the Harappa Archaeological Research Project directed by Richard H. Meadow and Jonathan Mark Kenoyer assisted by Rita P. Wright in continuing collaboration with the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan. Other contributing scholars include Gregory L. Possehl, Ronald Amundson, Elise Pendall, William R. Belcher, Heather M.-L. Miller, Seetha N. Reddy, Brian E. Hemphill, John R. Lukacs, and Kenneth A.R. Kennedy. Each chapter is copyright by the author(s).

0. Title Page, Table of Contents, List of Illustrations, Preface
by Richard H. Meadow
1. Project Directors Introduction
by George F. Dales
2. A Short History of Archaeology at Harappa
by Gregory L. Possehl

Pedology and Late Quarternary Environments
by Ronald Amundson and Elise Pendall


Urban Process in the Indus Tradition: A Preliminary Model from Harappa
by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer


Some Specialized Ceramic Studies at Harappa
by George F. Dales


Patterns of Technology and the Organization of Production at Harappa
by Rita P. Wright


Faunal Remains and Urbanism at Harappa
by Richard. H. Meadow


Fish Resources in an Early Urban Context at Harappa
by William R. Belcher

9. Urban Palaeoethnobotany at Harappa
by Heather Margaret-Louise Miller
10. Complementary Approaches to Late Harappan Subsistence: An Example from Oriyo Timbo
by Seetha N. Reddy
11. Biological Adaptations and Affinities of Bronze Age Harappans
by Brian E. Hemphill, John R. Lukacs, and K.A.R. Kennedy

Personnel of the Harappa Project 1986-1990

13. George F. Dales, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, and the staff of the Harappa Project