Indians - A Brief History of a Civilization: Ep 1 - The Harappans


A very well produced and visually rich introduction to the ancient Indus civilization with Namit Arora, the first of a six part series on the long history of Indians today. Extensive scenes of Dholavira and its possible stadium. Sticks to the facts, and is generally careful about speculation. Well-narrated, draws parallels with today's cities where appropriate, and relevant reconstructions. Covers a wide range of sites in both India and Pakistan. While there are many similarities between then and now the video explores, also unflinching about speaking to differences. While this is appropriately part of a national history project, today's nationalisms cannot contain the rich, diverse and mysterious elements that were part of the ancient Indus civilization, even as, in Namit Arora's words, "Harappans live deep inside us."