Indus Seals in Gujarat: New Insights into Carving Styles, Production Techniques, Chronology and Regional Variation in the Indus Civilization


Ancient Indus sites in Gujarat have both Indus and non-Indus material culture, revealing a distinct regional integration that "parallels other ancient and modern globalization processes," in the words of Dr. Jamison. Seals are a great source of studying this interaction: how are these seals both different and similar? Are there different styles and possibly workshops? What do they tell us about the Indus culture as a whole? Using the work of Dr. Bisht from Dholavira and others, and careful analyses of almost 400 seals from Gujarat, Dr. Chase investigates this rich sample to see how such questions might be answered. A rich analysis that draws on research at Harappa and elsewhere to paint a fascinating picture of the distinct practices in seal practice in Gujarat during the Bronze Age, as well as inter-regional connections with Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in particular.