Videos on the script and writing in the ancient Indus Civilization

Changes and Continuities in Seal Carving Techniques: Function and Artistry of the Indus and Indo-Gangetic Traditions


From the earliest bone seal fragment discovered at Harappa, from 4000 BCE to the varied, diverse seals of around 2500 BCE to the later, fewer ones after 1900 BCE, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer discusses styles and technologies in a long seal-making tradition.

Indus Seals in Gujarat: New Insights into Carving Styles, Production Techniques, Chronology and Regional Variation in the Indus Civilization


Ancient Indus sites in Gujarat have both Indus and non-Indus material culture, revealing a distinct regional integration that "parallels other ancient and modern globalization processes," in the words of Dr. Jamison. Seals are a great source of studying this interaction: how are these seals both different and similar?