Building a Heterarchic Society The Concept of City and Urban Life in the Indus Civilization


Drs. Dennis Frenez and Massimo Vidale, two leading Indus scholars discuss the layout and features in Mohenjo-daro, including the so-called "Little Great Bath" and Indus water symbolism. Interesting conjectures around, for example, structures around trees in the city, as well as some of the more interesting houses in the city's HR-A area, including Marshall's House VIII that suggests some houses endured, with changes, for centuries. Were each of the mounds built with separate citadels? Could different groups have been in power at different times, instead of single kings ruling? Frenez and Vidale ask big questions that draw on the latest research at Harappa as well, and chart different ways of thinking about Indus cities that draw on their work and that of Drs. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer and Richard H. Meadow.