Harappan Seals and Sealings from Bagasra and Shikarpur: Some Preliminary Observations


P. Ajithprasad and Gregg Jamison expertly review two recently excavated fortified sites in Gujarat and the seal and sealing finds in stratigraphic context to speculate on their use and purpose. The variety of seals in Bagasra, even if all are unicorn seals, is remarkable and include a cylindrical seal and a very rare compartmented or boxed seal. Find locations, the possibility of different workshops, interregional connections and peculiar styles are discussed in detail. The terracotta sealings discovered at both sites, often with multiple impressions and different practices, are particularly interesting. The distribution of sealings at a site like Shikarpur are also deeply interesting in what they may say about crafts and how a central square might have functioned in ancient times. These are exceptional finds and P. Ajithprasad calmly walks through them with great expertise.