Marshall's Mohenjo-daro 1922-27

Photographs from Sir John Marshall's classic book Mohenjo-daro and the Indus Civilization (1931) covering the very first excavations at this ancient Indus metropolis.

We will slowly bring more images and commentary from this critical volume in Indus civilization studies online.

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1. The Excavations of Mohenjo-daro from the air 1920s
2. Southern Buildings in course of excavation, from south-west
3. Eastern side of courtyard showing remains of Kushan pavement before exploration of Indus remains beneath
4. North wall of House XXV
5. Excavation on eastern side of Stupa, showing construction of the Indus period, from the south-west
6. The Great Bath, as seen from the south-west
7. Panoramic view of north-west part of VS Area, from west
8. Male god, the prototype of the historic Siva
9. Mythological Creatures and Plant Forms Seals
10. Deep cutting near north-west corner of monastery, showing pavement of seventh stratum
11. Street between Blocks ! and 2 in SD Area, looking north
12. Statuette of red stone from Harappa
13. Statuette of grey stone from Harappa
14. Statuette of grey stone from Harappa 2
15. VS Area, Section A. Block I, House II: Room 23, showing brick floor with dyeing troughs
16. Northern end of cutting on east side of Stupa, showing the Indus structures from north
17. Eastern retaining wall of Great Platform, with drains near its foot
18. View of First Street, between Sections A and B, looking south
19. Southern Buildings Section. Street between Blocks 1 and 2 in foreground, from north
20. Pottery
Indus Household objects. Flint Implements, Weights 21. Indus Household objects. Flint Implements, Weights
22. Pottery
23. The So-called Unicorn
24. The So-called Unicorn
25. Rectangular Seals
26. Portion of skeleton found above southern wall of Room 74, House V
Group of skeletons in Room 74, House V. 27. Group of skeletons in Room 74, House V.
28. A typical burial in the second stratum of Cemetery at Harappa
29. Elephant (Elephas maximus). Mythological Creatures and Plant-Forms Seals
30. Brahmani Bull (Bos indicus) Seals
31. Rhinoceros (R. unirornis) Seals