Southern Buildings Section. Street between Blocks 1 and 2 in foreground, from north 19

[Original 1931 text] "Blocks 1 and 2. - The total extent of this complex of buildings has not been settled, especially to the north-east (Block 2), as much excavation remains to be done. In the north-western section, however, as the plan will show, there is a well-defined street, over 14 feet wide, which is bounded on the west by the great enclosure wall of the bath and on the eastby a block of buildings (Block 1) whose outer wall has a slight batter. The walls of these two buildings are of considerable thickness and, as the levels show, of Intermediate date. . .. Further excavations, made here in 1927-28, proves it to be a single and extensive building, extending the whole way along the eastern side of the tank and separated from that building by an important street." [Marshall, Vol. I, p. 145-146]