Elephant (Elephas maximus). Mythological Creatures and Plant-Forms Seals 29

[Original 1931 text] This animal is on fifteen of the seals, Nos. 362-76. In fact, it may be said to rank next in order of popularity to the bull. On most of the seals it is carefully portrayed, in some cases even to the wrinkles along its back. . .. The animals on Seals 376 (upper figure) and 377-81 appears to be a ram, with the horns of a bull, a human face, and the trunk and tusks of an elephant. That the body of this composite beast is a ram's body is indicated by the long locks of wool on its fore0quarters. The hind-quarters and hind-legs are, however, those of a tiger. On those seals where the face is not broken away, it appears to be human, and the eyes, like those of the statues, are very elongated and slit-like. In No. 381 the beast has three ornamental collars. In Nos. 378, 380, and 381 it has its tail straight up in the air and in No. 378 this tail is armed with pincers. [Marshall, Vol. III, p. 388-389]