Rhinoceros (R. unirornis) Seals 31

[Original 1931 text] This animal also rarely appears on the seals, Nos. 341-7 being the only examples that we have as yet. In every case it is the single horned animal that is represented, probably the great Indian rhinoceros which was formerly found along the base of the Himalayas as far as Peshawar, where it was hunted by the Emperor Babar. The animal's thick hide is well represented on Seal 345, where the wrinkles and folds of the skin are very true to life. Rough excrescences on the skin are indicated in some of the examples by means of holes made with a fine drill. In others hatched lines are employed. In every case the animal is rendered with extreme fidelity, even to the wicked pig-like eye. Fom this, I think, it can safely be affirmed that the animal was very well known to the people of Mohenjo-daro; in ancient times it was probably very common in Sind and perhaps still further west. It does not appear on any seals from Elam or Mesopotamia. [Marshal, Vol. II, p. 387]