Indus Household objects. Flint Implements, Weights 21

[Original 1931 text] "The flint implements found at Mohenjo-daro are of the simplest description, most of them being long flakes that were probably used for cutting up meat and for other household purposes. Both the flakes and cores from which they were struck are found in nearly all the houses. Indeed, it is probable hat flakes were struck by the servants of the household whenever an implement of this kind was required. . .. The large number of weights found at Mohenjo-daro, in small houses as well as large, suggests that the housewife realized the necessity of checking the weights of the goods she purchased. These weights range from large examples that had to be lifted with a rope or metal ring to very small ones which were probably used be jewelers for weighing precious metals. The majority are cubical in shape, quite unlike those used in Babylonia. We have as yet found no scales; probably these were of a very simple pattern, and they were made of wood, as seems likely, they would have perished long ago." [Marshall, Vol. II, p. 461]