Brahmani Bull (Bos indicus) Seals 30

[Original 1931 text] We have certain proof in Nos 327-40 and Possibly No. 542, that this type of bull was known in India in very early times. The characteristic hump on the shoulders allows of no doubt whatsoever. Fortunately the majority of seals on which this animal is represented are very well preserved. Indeed, rather more care seems to have been taken with the portrayal of this animal than with some of the others. No. 337 is marvellously well engraved and finished; in feeling and in the careful portrayal of the muscles it will compare favourably with early glyphic art anywhere. The heavy wrinkled dewlap is especially well done, as is the case also with the bulls of seals 333 and 339. On seal No. 337 a band or garland of some kind has been thrown over the bull's shoulders; and on seal 333 the shoulders together with a portion of the hump appear to be draped with some material. [Marshall, Vol. II, p. 387]