Statuette of grey stone from Harappa 2 14

[Original 1931 text] "And now we come to two small statuettes which are more surprising even than the masterly engraving of the bull . . . .. When I first saw them I found it difficult to believe that they were prehistoric; they seemed to so completely upset all established ideas about early art. Modelling such as this was unknown in the ancient world up to the Hellenistic age of Greece . . .." (Marshall, Vol. I, p. 45)

Image 2: Bottom left: Marshall's Figure 1, Sketch to illustrate pose of dancing figure from Harappa (1931, Vol. I, p. 46). and top right, Kenoyer Fig. 7.9b, Conjectural sketch of dancer from Harappa, after Marshall 1931, fig. 1 (Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, p. 129).