Jonathan Mark Kenoyer

Ancient Indus questions answered by Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, who teaches at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is Co-Director of HARP (the Harappan Archaeological Research Project), author of Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilization and The Ancient South Asian World. He has numerous articles on this website, and the slideshows Around the Indus in 90 Slides, and Around the Indus in 90 Slides 2 among others.

Textiles and Basketry of the Indus Tradition: Archaeological Evidence and Historical Legacy


Jonathan Mark Kenoyer's Deccan College Lecture on April 10 2021 goes into the earliest evidence of textiles in the greater Indus Valley, from Mehrgarh in 7000 BCE through Indus times, digging into the specific varieties of cotton, linen, flax, silk and other plant fibers and even colours used.