Harappa Archaeological Research Project

HARP (Harappa Archaeological Research Project) a group of scholars from a variety of fields dedicated to advancing the study of the ancient Indus Valley civilization.

Broken canisters

Broken canisters, often with glassy vitrified surfaces, were found throughout the Trench 54 South workshop debris. Lumps of frothy faience slag with embedded fragments of bone were also quite common in the debris.

Dish or lid

Late Harappan Period dish or lid with perforation at edge for hanging or attaching to large jar. It shows a Blackbuck antelope with trefoil design made of combined circle-and-dot motifs, possibly representing stars.

Kiln setter

Part of a terra cotta kiln setter found in the Trench 54 South workshop debris. The tip is not vitrified and may have been buried in ash during the firing process.


Late Harappan Period Dish-on-stand from Harappa with a hole in the center of the dish that may have been used for a special ritual purpose. The dish is pedestaled on a heavy base with triple ridges.