Chest of a Figurine 11

"This object is actually part of a composite figurine of a gharial, the narrow snouted crocodile that used to live in the local rivers and ox-bow lakes. The animal is commonly depicted on terracotta and steatite tablets and on intaglio seals. See drawing from Kenoyer 1993: Fig. 3-20,10 [above, Image 2]. For images of gharial on seals, see the
tablet with man-in-tree and tiger or this seal from Mohenjo-daro or this molded tablet from Harappa."

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2021.

ASI Description: 

A. 217 (a) Portion (height 1 1/4") representing chest of a small statuette made of lime; decorated with rows of dots.

[Appendix D] 2814 Chest of a figurine made of lime plaster (A 217).

[Original caption: Chest of a figurine made of lime plaster]

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Silver Plate: 
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A 217
Find spot: 
6 x 19
Depth (ft.): 
Depth (in.):