Wheeler's Mohenjo-daro 1950: A New Slide Show

We start 2016 and inaugurate the new Harappa.com by publishing long-lost images from Sir Mortimer Wheeler's personal collection. They are of the excavations he led at Mohenjo-daro in 1950. Many years ago, a box of images appeared on the market after an archaeologist had died. We bought them, scanned them and present them here with new captions by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer. With diagrams, maps, the original caption sheets found with the images and ancillary material from Mortimer Wheeler's published works.

The five images in this post include the stupa and Indus period structures, a small room and sockets in what Wheeler called the Granary, a close-shot of a granary stairway, an early shot of the Museum and excavation team and perforated stone objects of still unknown purpose.

For the full set of 67 images from Wheeler's collection, go to https://www.harappa.com/slideshows/wheelers-mohenjo-daro-1950