Lahore Museum Indus Gallery

The Lahore Museum, whose founding director was Rudyard Kipling, has an important collection of Indus objects and objects from Mehrgarh, some of which are on display in the gallery's display cases.

1. Lahore. Central Museum. Raphael Tuck and Sons, London, ca. 1905. [Original caption] “Central Museum, Lahore. This is perhaps the most effective of all the public buildings in Lahore. The foundation stone was laid in 1890, by the Duke of Clarence, eldest son of King Edward VII. It contains specimens of the antiquities, arts, manufactures and products of the Punjab.”
2. An Indus Terra-cotta Dice
3. Part of a terra-cotta toy cart
4. Indus exhibition cabinets, the Lahore Museum
5. Terra-cotta goblet with black bands from Mehrgarh
6. Terra cotta animal figurine
7. Long perforated terra cotta jar from Harappa
8. Small mother goddess terra-cotta statue
9. Globular pot with short rim and black slip decoration from Mehrgarh