Indus Industry in Binjor, Rajasthan

More interesting discoveries at Binjor, seven kilometers from the Pakistan border in the bed of the ancient Sarasvati River. Archaeologists have "come across signs of industrial activity going back at least 4500 years," including "over 100 hearths." Concentrated industrial or craft activity at a smaller site has once again been found during the ancient Indus period. More at ASI Uncovers Harappan Site With 'Industrial' Activity in Rajasthan's Binjor.

This vital, recently discovered site undergoing current excavations is described in an illustrated essay with 27 slides in Frontline at Harappan Surprise.

1. A view of the trench with rooms made of mud bricks. Photo: Subhash Chandel, ASI
2. A trench full of pots, jars and other ceramics. It was perhaps a storehouse for grains. Photo: Subhash Chandel, ASI
3. A razor blade (left) and a broken celt, both made of copper. Photo: Subhash Chandel, ASI
4. Map showing 4MSR, Bijnor (no one seems to know what 4MSR stands for).