Happy New Year 2023

As we come to the end - or is it the beginning? have we been here before? - of COVID, we look forward to another full year at Harappa.com.

This includes the complete photographs from the 2nd season at Harappa 1923-24. Led by Daya Ram Sahni, this was the final year before the Archaeological Survey of India determined that they had found a new, vast civilization with cities hundreds of miles apart and much older than any known before. An expertly curated section by Dr. Nadine Zubair with contemporary commentary and analysis by Dr. Mark Kenoyer. Opening January 2023.

Lots of other new stuff during the course of the year too, including articles, interviews, slide shows (Gujarat!) and more in our 28th year on the web. Yes, since 1995.

As ever, many thanks to Nadine Zubair, Vasant Dave, Jeff Turner, Ilona Aronovsky and of course Mark Kenoyer for all their support and critical help over the year.

This past year we also became a fully incorporated non-profit in the US, allowing us to fund raise for future projects, including a future curriculum slated for Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and English by leading scholars that can be used around the world.

Stay tuned. Jan. 2: Queen Puabi's (Indus?) Necklace

Omar Khan
San Francisco