Anthropomorphized Tigers in Harappa

Indus Tigers found at Harappa in recent years, often anthropomorphized. "The most dangerous animals living in the vicinity of the Indus cities were tigers and leopards. The leopard is rarely depicted but some figurines have spotted faces that may indicate the elusive markings of this elusive cat. Both of these large predators would have been a serious threat to human life and domestic animals. Before the introduction of firearms, these animals were usually killed in traps or with poisoned arrows. Among some Naga communities of eastern India, the tiger is totemic animal and the meat is never eaten by members of the tiger clan. Other communities do eat the meat, but it is considered to be very "hot," stimulating a fiery and ferocious temper. While such a temperament is undesirable for some individuals, it is needed for hunters and warriors and may explain the symbolic meaning of the tiger-bearded male figurines from Harappa and Mohenjo-daro." (J.M. Kenoyer, Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, p. 167).