Crabs in Basket 13

Crabs and other crustaceans are caught and used as a minor food item. These animals are considered extremely "hot" and are eaten for the treatment of ailments such as the flu or colds. Many Asian cultures have a dichotomy of "hot" and "cold" categories related to health, food, sexuality, weather, etc. An individual tries to maintain a balance to maintain good health.

For example, fish, in general, are considered "hot" and one must maintain a balance based on the weather (in the winter, it is good to eat ÒhotÓ foods) to maintain health. Additionally, some "hot" foods need to be consumed to increase virility and should not be eaten by unmarried males. My informants in the village were extremely worried about me as I was eating a lot of fish during the summer and my wife was so far away back in the United States! Also, the coastal fisherfolk further divide hot suggesting that predatory fish, like sharks, are much hotter than bottom-feeding fish.