Knitting Net 14

Mornings are usually spent fishing while afternoons are spent repairing nets. Although most nets are now commercially manufactured, repair work is down by the owners or their sons. Fishermen work in groups, either helping each other are larger nets. More importantly, these work groups allow the fishermen to pass on important fishing knowledge (mahigeer - Farsi and Baluchi for "the ways of the fisherfolk") as well as local gossip about the villagers or the nearby village. During the summer of 1994, the sale and status of delivery of several F-16s aircraft by the U.S. to Pakistan was a major focus of global politics.

In case you donÕ't remember, the U.S. had blocked the delivery (but not the sale, the money had already been collected), of the F-16s until Pakistan could officially certify themselves as non-terrorist supporting state. These types of discussions occurred with local police, taxi cab drivers, students, or anyone else who wanted to tell me their opinions. Never have I met a public that was so aware of how their country fits into global politics! The Pakistani people are wonderful in that they had major issues with the U.S. government at that time, but it never inhibited my research, interactions, or friendships anywhere in the country.