Three Crucibles 32

Sahni recognized the object on the right [C 2]as linked to twining as well:"A conical-shaped object with a hole in the base which might have held a wooden stick. Such instruments are used for twining the sacred thread" (p. 13). In the middle is what are since been called pointed base goblet, and were possibly disposable.

On the left is a perforated jar, who use also remains unknown. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer writes of a similar object [Image 2] found in a deep bowl among burial pottery in Cemetery H: "This perforated vessel may have been used in the preparation of beer or other brewed beverages. Wheel thrown and holes punched through from the outside. The base has a larger hole carved in the center," (Ancient Cities of the Indus Civilization, Cat. No. 192, p. 236).

"The miniature perforated jar on the left may have been used as a strainer at the end of a straw. Larger perforated jar strainers appear to have been used as “reverse strainers” inside large jars and may have been used for making beer or other beverages. The central vessel is a small disposable pointed base goblet. The conical object on the right has a depression in the center of the wide end. It may have been used for writing as many of this type of object have a broken or worn tip. Many have been found under the edges of the city wall where they might have been placed for ritual purposes or as more practical surveying pins. Hundreds of examples have been found at Harappa and Mohenjodaro, and they may have been used in many different ways."

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2021.

ASI Description: 

A. 257 Three crucibles, one of which (height 2 3/4") has a pierced body. Type 12.

A. 245 Crucible (height 2 1/2") with long narrow bottom.

C. 1 Terracotta cone (length 2 1/4") with line decoration for making yajnopavita [sacred thread].

[Appendix D] 2757 A terracotta conical implement (C 1) for making the sacred thread and two crucibles (A 257 and A 245).

[Original caption] A terracotta conical implement for making sacred threads and two crucibles.

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A 257
A 245
C 1
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17 x 7
5 x 29
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