Ancient Indus civilization and earlier pottery.

Painted Bowl

This painted bowl at the Guimet is from the Mundigak IV period, 2900-2400 BCE and involves some elaborate and very finely painted designs that could be an abstraction of the pipal leaf, sacred or of great reverence to Mundigak and Indus cultures.

Pipal Leaf Goblet

"These balloon glasses are characteristic of the urban period [Period IV]. Most often, their decor includes either rows of caprids with an elongated body and hatching in the Iranian style of Susa II, or leaves of the pipal tree so frequent in the

Female Figurines

It is appropriate that Daya Ram Sahni quickly found female figurines on Mound F at Harappa as he made the first incisions. Female figurines greatly outnumber those of men at ancient Indus sites.