An earthenware ring 15

In his 1921 summary of pottery finds, Daya Ram Sahni called out "earthenware rests for dishes or pitchers" of which this one was considered the prime example (p. 13).

"This type of ring stand was made to support large jars with narrow or rounded bases and many examples were found in the excavations of the cemetery. For examples excavated by the HARP see this late Harappan burial pottery."

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2021.

ASI Description: 

A. 171 An earthenware ring (outer diam 7 1/4", height 4 1/4") which must have served as a rest for a water-jar or other object. Type 14. Simimlar specimen from Tinnevelly in Indian Museum, Calcutta.

[Appendix D] 2752 An earthenware ring (A 171) which must have served as a rest for a water jar.

[Original caption] An earthenware ring A171. Probably a rest for a water jar

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Silver Plate: 
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A 171
Find spot: 
6 x 19
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