Bangles of Fine Blue Clay 19

He continues, about perhaps one of the finest objects he found in 1921: "One pair of them attains a high degree of excellence. It is made of fine clay coloured blue. (No. A 182.) Plate IX, Photo No. 2759."

- Daya Ram Sahni, Annual Progress Report of the Archaeological Survey [of India], Hindu and Buddhist Monuments, Northern Circle for the Year Ending 31st March 1921, p. 13.

"These spectacular bangles are made of blue green glazed faience. Many different types of faience ornaments were produced at Harappa, starting with the Early Harappa Phase and continuing through the Harappa and Late Harappa Phases. For more information see Kenoyer J. M. 2021. Glazed Steatite and Faience Technology at Harappa, Pakistan (>3700-1900 BCE): Technological and Experimental studies of production and variation. Pages 39-100 in A. Kanungo (ed.) Ancient Glass of South Asia: Archaeology, Ethnography and Global Connection. Singapore: Springer Nature.

"For examples of faience ornaments see this monkey figurine, ornaments and beads."

- Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, 2021.

ASI Description: 

A. 182 Terracotta bangles of fine blue clay with deep furrowed ornament.

[Appendix D] 2759 A pair of bangles of fine grained clay or glass of bluish colour decorated with deep furrowed ornament.

[Original caption] A pair of bangles of fine grained clay of bluish coloured.

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A 182
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7 x 18
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