Ancient Indus Valley Civilization Books

120 new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization, from exhibition catalogues to excavation reports, from the scientific to the creative fiction for adults and kids.

The Curse of Mohenjodaro

"Unputdownable," according to noted contemporary Pakistani writer Kamila Shamsie, this is a well-written, engaging story that switches back and forth between a modern excavation of Mohenjodaro and a storyline set in 3700 BCE, connected through a bloodstone with supernatural powers that, in the right hands, transcends time.

A Companion to South Asia in the Past

Over 500 pages of great insight and new data reveals the quiet and powerful role of bioarchaeology in Indus studies. Bioarchaeology is by one of its first practitioners, as "the reconstructions of past people's lives based on a multidisciplinary analysis of archaeological human remains. Bioarchaeology is one of the few fields of inquiry that emphasizes integration of three subdiscipines of anthropology: biological anthropology, archaeology, and sociocultural anthropology."

Marshalling the Past: Ancient India and its Modern Histories

Nayanjot Lahiri Essays

This anthology of thirteen essays by Nayanjot Lahiri combines twenty years of scholarship on various topics related to the historiography of ancient India. Using her training as an archaeologist, and an extensive experience with archival material, Lahiri marshalls a wide and disparate set of materials into an accessible and compelling assemblage that is supported by rigorous research.

Prehistoric Rock Art of India

Prehistoric Rock Art of India by Erwin Neumayer

An extraordinary book illuminating the rich imagistic life in the subcontinent tens of thousands of years before ancient Indus times by an Austrian pioneer in the field.

The Indus Civilization An Interdisciplinary Perspective

The Indus Civilization an Interdisciplinary Perspective by D.P. Agrawal

It spreads over an area of more than a million sq km, an area much bigger than the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian Civilizations which are famous for their sepulchral splendor. Though technologically innovative, the Indus Civilization in marked by a modesty and the functionality of its architecture and artifacts.

The Unicorn Expedition

The Unicorn Expedition

"I have a book open before me on my desk which is about the ancient civilisation of Mohenjo-daro. Apart from the pottery, toys, figurines and ornaments, diggings at Mohenjo-daro . . .."

The Paleaolithic Settlement of Asia

The Paleolithic Settlement of Asia by Robin Dennell

One of the least understood or investigated issues is the prehistory of the Indian subcontinent, long before the Indus civilization (3500-1700 BCE) and before Mehrgarh (ca. 7000 BCE).


Finding Forgotten Cities

Finding Forgotten Cities

How the Indus Civilization Was Discovered

Events leading to the IVC's public recognition as a major episode in Indian history in 1924. Told in an accessible way and based on new research into original ASI documents by a well-respected scholar.