Ceramic and Terracotta Figurines from Balochistan of the Katolec Collection

An exceptional, beautifully illustrated book of over 200 pieces in the Japanese Katolec Corporation collection of pottery and associated art of the pre- and contemporary to ancient Indus Nal and Kulli cultures of the 3rd millennium BCE Balochistan. The photography is excellent, the specimens extraordinary, and the author carefully tries to describe and explain what we know about these pieces even as the cultures that spawned them, despite obvious parallels and connections to Indus culture, remain poorly understood. As has been pointed out in these pages before, the ancient Indus civilization did not appear in a vacuum but was preceded and flourished together within a rich cultural milieu and understanding this better is one of the foremost challenges of Bronze Age archaeology in the region. This book is a major step in collecting the relevant material artifacts.

The entire nearly 300 page catalogue can be downloaded below for free.