Kalat in the 1820s 3

"Kalat, the capital of Balochistan, and the residence of the khan, is but a small town, seated on the eastern acclivity of a spur from the hill called Shah Mirdan.

"It is in form oblong, and surrounded by a crenated wall of mud, chiefly of moderate height, and strengthened by towers. The western side of the wall traces the summit of the ridge, and is carried under the miri, or palace of the khan. The last is an edifice of some antiquity, being referred to the period when Kalat was governed by Hindu princes.

"The town has three gates, one facing the east, and the two others the north and south respectively. It may contain about eight hundred houses, a large proportion inhabited by Hindus. The bazaar is equal to the size of the town, and is fairly supplied."

(Charles Masson, Narratives, p. 96)