Charles Masson

Slides by archaeologist Charles Masson- an important 19th century historical figure that contributed to the discovery of the forgotten Harappan or ancient Indus Valley civilization. He stumbled upon the ruins of Harappa and illustrated his findings in his book.

Kalat in the 1820s

"Kalat, the capital of Balochistan, and the residence of the khan, is but a small town, seated on the eastern acclivity of a spur from the hill called Shah Mirdan. "It is in form oblong, and surrounded by a crenated wall of mud, chiefly of moderate

Brahuis in the 1820s

Above: Gohar Basta, or Cyclopean Vestige [Baluchistan] Wood Engraving from a drawing by Charles Masson (1842) "The ziarat on the crest of Chehel Tan is one of great veneration among the Brahui tribes, and I may be excused, perhaps, for preserving