Young fisherman 7

Fishing usually begins early in the morning. Fisherfolk often leave well before the sun rises and return in the early afternoon. After eating lunch and napping, the men would gather to repair boats and nets as well as gossip amongst themselves and chat about the day's work.

One of the biggest challenges to work with certain families was to anticipate the constantly changing schedule. While my "hut" was only a fifteen-minute walk from Abdur Rehman Goth, that fisherfolk would often take off an hour or more earlier than they told me the afternoon before. Of course, this was the often the case due to the fact that many didnÕt own watches and in Pakistan time and activities run on a different schedule than in the West! Sometimes it was much slower than I thought and sometimes it was much faster. As my advisor, Dr. J. Mark Kenoyer would tell his students at the University of Wisconsin - "Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never."